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MJH School Supply Packs

This year, Magnolia Junior High will again be offering official school supply packs for both 7th and 8th grade students.  These packs contain everything an MJH Mustang will need for his or her core content classes and are on sale for up to 40% less than what these supplies cost at retail!

MJH school supply packs can be ordered securely online by clicking the link below. School supply packs ordered through the website will be distributed to students in their classes during the first week of school so that they never have to worry about bringing it with them. Packs will also be on sale at 8th Grade Schedule Pick-Up on August 4th and the Mustang Stampede for 7th graders on August 9th. Don’t miss out on big savings and the chance to get the school year started off right by getting your school supply pack today!

MJH School supply pack order link