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Pal Program

What is the PAL Program? 

PALs stands for Peer Assistance and Leadership. It is a nationally recognized evidence-based prevention program that has the mission of enabling young mentors to use their potential to make a difference in their lives, schools, and community. The PAL program creates environments in which youth participate in productive pursuits with peers, using decision-making, higher-order thinking skills, and resiliency building.

The PAL Mentoring Process: 

Each week you will meet with your student mentee and spend about 40 minutes with them getting to know them, learning their struggles, and helping them find ways to make good decisions. We will bring a board game or activity that we can play with while we have a mentoring conversation with them and encourage them to discuss their day. Although it may appear we are just playing a game and hanging out, we will be mentoring our PALees over time to help them: -develop creative solutions to problems, -learn positive ways to express emotion, -become responsible for behaviors, -develop empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others, -and apply respect and acceptance of others and self.

Interested in joining the MJH Pals Program? 

Junior High students who want to become a PAL mentor will need to apply for this class and go through an interview process with the PAL committee. Once chosen, we begin our training under our teacher Mrs. Savoy, who is trained and certified by the national PAL trainer, Tory Gant, who works for the PAL USA organization. We receive specific training under this organization to become the best mentors we can become. 

2024-2025 8th Grade Advanced Elective Application 

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Contact Mrs. Savoy or see your campus counselor