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End-of-the-Year Schoolwide Fundraiser

Magnolia Junior High

Schoolwide Fundraiser


MJH needs your help! Providing our students with the very best educational experience is not easy (or cheap!) and that’s especially true this year. In order to assist with all of this year’s unforeseen expenses and set our students up for success next year, we’re holding an end-of-the-year fundraiser. By selling delicious gourmet popcorn or soliciting donations using our online system, students can help MJH and earn themselves some great prizes! 

What You Can Do to Help!


Ask all family members, neighbors, friends, and anyone you know to HELP SUPPORT our school by placing an order. Be sure to collect money (cash, checks, & cards!) before you add anyone to the order form.


You will deliver products to your customers by May 21st.


All checks should be made out to MJH. Remember, we also take credit/debit cards through the text-to-buy feature (see below).


Have fun and be polite! Remind customers that our popcorn is the best there is and makes a great gift. However, if they're not interested in popcorn, ask if they'd be willing to make a donation of any amount to our school, which could really use their help right now.


Some people will say no, but many will say YES!  Ask them for their help to support you and your school!


What We’re Selling
Donation Information
Gourmet Popcorn
Donation Details




Students who help out MJH through this fundraiser will have a chance to earn some great prizes for their hard work! At each level, students receive that prize AND all the prizes at the previous levels! See below for more details:



1 Items Sold = Entry in Drawing for $100
5 Items Sold = Ice Cream Treat at Lunch Snow Cone
10 Items Sold = LED Light Strip Set Mustangs Sport Shirt
20 Items Sold = Custom Magnolia West Duffle Bag MJH Slides
30 Items Sold = Custom Magnolia West Hoodie Mustangs Blanket
45 Items Sold = $150 NikeID Gift Card NikeID Gift Card
45+ Items/Top Seller = Beats Headphones Pro Beats




Customers can pay with a debit or credit card, but you must set up a "Text to Buy" account first. Click HERE for instructions on how to do so


Gourmet Popcorn is sold in 1-gallon bags


Additional order forms are available in the principal's office. For questions, contact Sarah Cehand at scehand@magnoliaisd.org or Claudia Leal at cleal@magnoliaisd.org


Every order helps make MJH an even better place to go to school!!