MJH Fundraiser » Gourmet Popcorn & Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Gourmet Popcorn & Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Start Date:               August 30, 2019


Check Point #1:      September 4, 2019


Check Point #2:      September 11, 2019


End Date:                September 16, 2019







What You Need to Do!

Help our school raise much-needed funds for classroom technology by selling delicious gourmet popcorn and cookie dough!


Ask all family members, neighbors, friends, and anyone you know to HELP SUPPORT our school by placing an order.  Be sure to collect money (cash, checks, & cards!) before you add anyone to the order form.


You will deliver products to your customers in late October or early November.


All checks should be made out to MJH.  Remember, we also take credit/debit cards through the text-to-buy feature (see below).


Have fun and be polite! Remind customers that the items we're offering this year make GREAT gifts for the holidays.  Some people will say no, but many will say YES!  Ask them for their help to support you and your school!



What We’re Selling


Gourmet Popcorn


Cookie Dough



5 Items Sold = Snow Cone Party  Snow Cone
10 Items Sold = MJH Sports Socks MJH Sports Socks
20 Items Sold = Mustangs Dry-Fit Shirt with Name & Grad Year or Number Mustangs Sport Shirt
25 Items Sold = MJH Slides with Name & Grad Year or Number MJH Slides
30 Items Sold = Mustangs Blanket with Name & Grad Year or Number Mustangs Blanket
40 Items Sold =
Custom Mustangs Hoodie with Name & Grad Year or Number
Mustangs Hoodie
60 Items Sold = $220 NikeID Gift Card NikeID Gift Card
Check Point #1: Those who sold 5 or more on September 4th will receive a pair of wireless earbuds! Wireless Earbuds
Check Point #2: Those who sold 10 or more by September 11th are entered in drawing for $100 at each grade level!




Customers can pay with a debit or credit card, but you must set up a "Text to Buy" account first. Click HERE for instructions on how to do so


Gourmet Popcorn is sold in 1-gallon bags


Cookie Dough will be delivered frozen and must be picked up from MJH on the day it is delivered


Additional order forms are available in the principal's office. For questions, contact Claudia Leal at cleal@magnoliaisd.org


Every order helps make MJH an even better place to go to school!!