Karla Austin » Welcome to 8th Grade Mustangs!

Welcome to 8th Grade Mustangs!

I have taught middle school Math and Science for the last 8 years and love it! I am married with 4 children and have a boxer. Even if you don't love Math YET....my mission is to make you love math class by pushing your limits of possibilities and having some fun while we are at it!
Here is a copy of the 411 (info) for my class!

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I noticed that the closed captions on my videos aren't quite right. Just know I didn't type them!! Listen and try not to focus on the words.

Weekly Practice Page (HW)

Students will have homework every week. It will be given to them on Monday and be due by Friday. It is a daily grade and corrections/retakes will not be allowed so encourage your child to do their best and come to tutorials for help!