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Welcome to 7th Grade Math!
On this webpage you will find a variety of information about 7th grade math.  Please feel free to reach out via phone/email at any time if you have any questions or concerns! 
About Mrs. Trejo...
I am so very excited to teach 7th grade math again this year.  I have a BS in Kinesiology and minor in Mathematics from Sam Houston State University and  am currently pursuing my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from SHSU.  Previously I have taught 8th grade math and algebra.  I grew up in Tyler and my husband and I currently reside in Tomball. I enjoy sports, hiking, running, cooking, traveling, movies, chocolate, minions, and dogs.  
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin

Recent Posts

Mini Agenda week of April 2nd

Monday April 2
Volume of Rectangular Prisms
Tuesday April 3
Volume of Triangular Pyramids
Wednesday April 4
Volume of Rectangular Pyramids
Thursday April 5
Volume Stations
Friday April 6
Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms
**maybe volume quiz

Mini Agenda week of Mar 26

Monday March 26
Stations- Composite Figures
Tuesday March 27
Stations- Composite Figures
Wednesday March 28
TEST over Area
Thursday March 29
Review DCA
Volume of Triangular Prisms
**homework due**
Friday March 30
GOOD FRIDAY!! (no school)
Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter!

Mini Agenda week of Mar 19th

Monday March 19
Area of Circles-include semi-circles/half circles Notes

Tuesday March 20
Area of Rectangles and Triangles w/ graded practice

Wednesday March 21
Area of Trapezoids Notes and Easter egg color practice

Thursday March 23
Around the World

Friday March 24
Composite Figures Notes
**Homework Due

Mini Agenda week of Feb 26th

Monday 2/26
PreAP: Angle relationship notes and comp/supp angles
OL: Angle relationship notes
Tuesday 2/27
PreAP: Sum of Angles in Triangles
OL: Complementary/Supplementary Angle notes
Wednesday 2/28
PreAP: Circle Notes
OL: Angle Pratice
Thursday 3/1
PreAP: Circumference and Circle Practice
OL: Circle Notes
Friday 3/2
PreAP: QUIZ (angles and circumference)
OL: Circumference notes and Circle Practice
Homework DUE
**RETEST in Tutorials 6:45am (Inequalities test from previous Friday)

Mini Agenda Week of Feb 19th

Monday Feb 19
Lesson 5 - Inequalities Notes
Tuesday Feb 20
Wednesday Feb 21
Lessons 6&7 Inequality Notes
Thursday Feb 22
Trashketball Review for test
Friday Feb 23
Inequality TEST

Mini Agenda Week of Feb 12th

Monday 2/12
Begin Inequalities
Tuesday 2/13
Inequality Notes and Practice - lesson 2
Wednesday 2/14 
Inequality Notes - lesson 3
Thursday 2/15
Inequality Notes - lesson 4
Friday 2/16
Inequality QUIZ
Homework due (for a grade)
Ch 7 RETEST in Morning Tutorials

Mini Agenda Week of Feb 5th

Monday Feb 5

*MSTAR Screener

Tuesday Feb 6

P: Equations with Integers Practice (Include multi step)

O: Practice 2 Step (Maze activity)

Wednesday Feb 7

P: Plickers- Multi Step

O: Equations with Integers + Practice (w/out multistep)

Thursday Feb 8

P: Quiz

O: Practice Integers (other maze)

Friday Feb 9 

Ch 7 Equations TEST!!!!

Mini Agenda Week of Jan 29th

Monday 1/29

P: 7.6 Balance Hangers 2 Step equations Notes

O: 7.3 Balance Hanger 1Step equations Notes

Tuesday 1/30

Writing STAAR Simulation

Afternoon classes: Kahoot

Wednesday 1/31

P: Practice 2 Step

O: Mini Practice AND QUIZ!

Thursday 2/1

P: Practice 2 Step

O: 7.5 Tape Diagrams 2 Step Notes

Friday 2/2

P: Quiz - 2 Step

O: 7.6 Balance Hangers 2 Step Notes

Progress Reports Jan 2018

There are no summative (test grades) in the progress report grade. Quiz corrections can still be turned in until the end of this week (Friday Feb 2nd) but will not be reflected in the report card that comes out this week.
If a student did not turn in homework this week they received a 50.1. Usually homework is not weighted but due to the lack of effort and completion I have weighted the homework and will continue to do so. Homework is 3 problems a night and students may bring homework to tutorials in the morning for help or during lunch to the lunchtime success room.
Math 7
Because progress reports are due between between a test and the opportunity to retest some progress report grades may be lower than expected but can be brought up with the retest this Friday Feb 2nd. If students miss the retest and have not spoken with me before that day, they will not be able to retest once the date passes.
If a student did not turn in homework this week they received a 50.1. Usually homework is not weighted but due to the lack of effort and completion I have weighted the homework and will continue to do so. Homework is 3 problems a night and students may bring homework to tutorials in the morning for help or during lunch to the lunchtime success room.
Please email me with questions or concerns! Thanks!    -Mrs. Trejo


I often have students (usually right before progress reports or report cards) come to me and say "Mrs. Trejo, do you have extra work I can do to raise my grade?" And the answer is always "no, sorry hun".  I then remind the student of my policy for grades which I currently have posted in my room on my white board.
How do I raise  my Grade?
1. Summative Grades (Tests)
-Tests must be retaken in tutorials on the designated day (usually a Friday)
-In order to retest the student must attend a scheduled review tutorial before the test.
-Increasing test grades is the best way to maintain a high average since summative grades are weighted much more than formative grades. 
-Low test grades will drag down your average, once the retest day passes, there is no way to raise a test grade.
2. Formative Grades (daily work)
-Graded papers that are handed back should be kept in their binder, students are responsible for keeping up with their work
-They may make DETAILED corrections (showing all work, writing a complete sentence conveying their understanding of the problem).
-They can make corrections at home or in tutorials, I am happy to help.
-Corrections should be done on a separate sheet of notebook paper and turned in with the original assignment. The quality of the corrections depend on how many points they will get back. (ie- well done corrections with good sentences will earn back most of the credit lost, corrections with only right answers circled will earn back no points.) Students only have to correct problems they missed, not the entire assignment.
Please email me with questions!! Thank you!

Mini Agenda 1/9

Tuesday 1/9
PreAP: Linear Function Kahoot Review
Math 7: Probability Lab Review
Wednesday 1/10
PreAP: Proportinal Review Stations
Math 7: 6.1 Linear Notes
Thursday 1/11
PreAP: 4.1 (8th grade) Function Notes
Math 7: 6.2 Linear Equation Notes
Friday 1/12
PreAP: 4.2 Practice
Math 7: 6.1/6.2 Practice
Hope everyone had a wonderful and restful break! Welcome Back!

Mini Agenda Week of 12/11



P: 8th Grade 3.6 (y=mx+b)

O: Kahoot over 5.1-5.2


P: 8th Grade- Practice y=mx+b

O: Ch 5.3/5.5


P: 8th Grade- Practice y=mx+b 

O: Chapter 5.3/5.5 Practice


P: Writing Equations from tables & graphs



P: Slope TEST

O: Ch 5 TEST

Mini Agenda Week of 12/4

Monday 12/4
P: 6.2 Quiz
O: Ch 5 Probability Lab
Tuesday 12/5
P: 3.1/3.2 Slope notes (8th grade unit)
O: 5.1 Simple Events Notes
Wednesday 12/6
P: 3.1/3.2 Slope Practice
O: 5.1 Simple events practice
Thursday 12/7
P: 3.4 y=kx notes
O: 5.2 Theoretical and Experimental Probability  notes
Friday 12/8
P: 3.4 Practice
O: 5.2 Practice
**Retest Information**
PreAP: To retest the Ch 5 TEST you need to be in tutorials TOMORROW (Tuesday 12/5) to review and Friday 12/8 to Retest at 6:45am.
Math 7: To retest the Ch 4 TEST you need to be in tutorials Wednesday or Thursday to review and Friday to Retest (tutorials start at 6:45am)

CH 5 REVIEW- Probability

If you print and complete the study guide and turn it in tomorrow you will earn mustang money (or you can work the problems out on notebook paper if you do not have a printer) Study for your test tomorrow!
Students who try the study guides do better on tests! (it is possible that there is an error on the key, text me through remind if you have a question!)

Mini Agenda Week of 11/27

Monday 11/27
PA:  5.4 Simulation Lab
M7:  Ch 4 Around the World
Tuesday 11/28
PA: Ch 5 Practice Review
M7: 4.2 Quiz
Wednesday 11/29
M7: 4.2 Practice
**I will be out for a math conference and will have a sub
Thursday 11/30
PA: 6.1 Identify Linear Relationships
M7: Ch 4 Practice Review
Friday 12/1
PA: 6.2 Equations of Linear Relationships
M7: Ch 4 TEST