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MJH Tutoring Information

At Magnolia Junior High, tutorials are viewed as a necessary resource to support every student's academic success. To that end, morning tutorials are offered daily at 6:40 a.m. in each core subject area, and afternoon tutorials are available with teachers by appointment.
To attend a morning tutorial session, students must simply check-in with the teacher on duty at the entrance to the hallway of the subject in which they need assistance. Once in the classroom of the teacher holding that morning's tutorials, students will be asked to sign-in to keep a record of their attendance. Morning tutorials are "open sessions" intended to assist students who have a variety of questions or misapprehensions about a subject's material.
Parents and students can use the Morning Tutorial Calendar in the sidebar on the right side of this page to view which teacher in each content area is holding a tutorial session on a given day. 
Students are encouraged to take advantage of morning tutorials whenever they feel in need of help and may attend them with any teacher in the grade-level and subject for which they require assistance.