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Welcome to 8th grade science!!! My name is Miss Tubbs and I am excited to be teaching science in the best school district in Texas. When I am not teaching, I am spending time with my wonderful family and dog, Missy! Besides teaching Science, I love DIY projects, traveling, and football season! This year in 8th grade science, you will learn a wide array of skills, information, and techniques to become successful scientists. It will be a fun and exciting year to be a Mustang, and have that Mustang PRIDE!!!

Recent Posts

Week of 10/2/17 - 10/6/17

Monday 10/2/17 - Plate Tectonics
Tuesday 10/3/17 - Plate Tectonics Quiz
Wednesday 10/4/17 - Topography
Thursday 10/5/17 - Topography
Friday 10/6/17 - Topography

Upcoming Due Dates

Monday 9/25/17 - Ecology Vocabulary Quiz 2
Tuesday 10/3/17 - Plate Tectonics Quiz
Monday 10/9/17 - Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Quiz
Tuesday 10/10/17 - Topography Quiz
Friday 10/13/17 - Plate Tectonics and Topography Test
Friday 10/20/17 - First Quarter DCA 

Week 4: 9/25/17 - 9/29/17

Plate Tectonics
Monday: Vocabulary Quiz and Test Review
Tuesday: The Theory of Continental Drift
Wednesday: Seafloor Spreading
Thursday: Convergent Boundaries
Friday: Divergent and Transform Boundaries

Upcoming Due Dates

Friday 9/8/17 - Turn in Lab Safety Contracts
Monday 9/11/17 - Vocabulary Quiz
Friday 9/15/17 - Ecology Quiz
Friday 9/22/17 - Ecology Test