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8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Details

On Thursday, May 19, at 9:30 a.m. Magnolia Junior High will host its annual 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony. This event is more than just an occasion to award individual successes but an opportunity to recognize each one of our eighth grade students upon their completion of junior high school. In order to provide every student in the class the chance to be honored, the ceremony is held during the school day, and this year, it will take place at the MJH Football Stadium.


Below are all the relevant details for students, parents, and guests either participating in or planning to attend the event:


Location & Time

Magnolia Junior High Football Stadium

The 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m.
Parent/Family/Guest seating will open at 8:30 a.m.
The ceremony is planned to conclude at 11:00 a.m.


Student Pre-Checkout Registration

Parents and guardians who would like to check their child out of school following the event, can beat the traffic and avoid the lines by using the link below to register for “pre-checkout.” This will enable students to be released to a parent, guardian, or approved contact directly from the stadium.


During the student recessional that follows the ceremony, those on the pre-checkout list will be directed to the visitors’ stands, while their classmates will continue back into the main building. Students can then be picked up from visitors’ stands by the approved individual indicated on the pre-checkout list. Any student who has not been pre-registered can still be checked out, but a parent, guardian, or approved contact will need to walk down to the gymnasium doors after the event to go through the normal sign-out process.

To register your child for pre-checkout, click HERE.

Parking Details

Due to the anticipated number of guests, we have designated three parking areas for the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony. The first lot is the one located on the side of MJH and MIS. This is the lot most conveniently located to the event, but it will also fill up quickly. To access this lot, guests will need to use the Sanders St. entrance (i.e. the car-rider line entrance), as the entrance from Nichols Sawmill Rd. will be closed.


The second lot is directly across from MJH on Nichols Sawmill Rd. in the field next to the MISD Educational Service Center. While guests are welcome to walk from here, a shuttle bus will also run continuously both before and after the ceremony. See the map below:Parking Graphic 1
The third parking lot is located at the MISD Special Services Center (i.e. the old Magnolia 6th Grade) on FM 1774. A separate shuttle for guests who park here will run continuously both before and after the ceremony. See the map below:
Special Services Parking


Guest Seating

Seating for the event will be in stadium’s home stands. Guests will enter the gate by the field house. There will be no seating on the visitors’ side or on the track. See the graphic below:
Parent Seating Graphic

What to Wear

This is an important event and students are encouraged to dress appropriately for this occasion. However, due to it being held outside in late May, the suggested attire is more casual than previous years. For example, a short-sleeved collared shirt for boys and a summer dress for girls might be appropriate. Also, due to the grass surface, heels for girls are strongly discouraged.


On the day of the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony, students will still come to school at the time they normally do. When students arrive, they will go to a classroom that coordinates to the row they will sit in during the ceremony. Students will receive a paper on Wednesday telling them the room they have been assigned. The teacher in each of these classrooms will provide students instructions and information about the event, before escorting them to the field. Students MUST come to school and be in their assigned classroom prior to the ceremony in order to participate.


Students should NOT bring anything to school with them that day. Backpacks, bags, or anything that cannot fit in a student’s pocket should be left at home.


At 9:30 a.m., our program will begin and the eighth grade class will be led onto the field to take their seats in an organized procession. The program itself will include the announcement of several superlative awards, a couple of speeches, and the recognition of each student and his or her accomplishments when crossing the stage.

The event is expected to take approximately an hour and 30 minutes.


Upon the ceremony’s conclusion, students will exit the field by row and head immediately back to the main building for lunch. Students who have been registered for pre-checkout will be able to be picked up at the visitors’ stands immediately following the ceremony.


Students not registered for pre-checkout can be picked up by a parent, guardian, or approved contact at the gymnasium doors of the main building, where our normal car-rider line takes place, 15 to 20 minutes following the ceremony. Otherwise, students will complete the school day as usual and be dismissed at 2:25 p.m.

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