Mustang Library Information

Welcome to MJH Library
Librarian: Christin Oldham
Phone: (281) 356-1327 ext. 5026 
Library Hours:  6:45 a.m.-3:15 p.m.
  • Before School 6:45 am - 7:20 am (must sign-up ONLINE through the tutorial link)
  • During Classes 7:25 am - 2:35 pm (must have a pass from your teacher)
  • Lunches- 11:14 am- 12:45 pm (notify Mr. Braun before you leave the lunch room)
  • After School- 2:35 pm- 3:15 pm
 Library Information:
Books & Print Resources:
Magnolia Junior High Library offers over 15,000 print resources ranging from fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, biographies, reference materials, and more for our students to use daily. 
  • Students may check-out up to 2 print resources from the library at one time.
  • The students may keep their resources up to 30 days before they need to return or renew the items. 
  • A student MAY NOT check-out any resources if they have ANY items overdue on their account. 
  • Students may create their own library account to take advantage of many more check-out features and stay up-to-date with their checked out materials. Follow this link for more information on Creating a Library Account with Destiny: 
  • Students may access the library before school from 6:45 am - 7:20 am, during lunch, or after school from 2:35 pm - 3:15 pm daily. In addition, every student visits the library through their English class on a regular rotation throughout the school year. 
Digital Resources:
Magnolia Junior High Library offers student the ability to find resources digitally through a variety of platforms and databases. Please visit the Research Link Page to find out about our digital resources. Many of our digital resources are accessible across multiple devices and some feature the ability to use the resources offline too! 
Overview of a few of our digital resources:
  • MackinVIA
  • Discovery Education
  • TexQuest:Gale Database
  • TexQuest: Adam Matthew
  • TexQuest: Britannica Online
  • If any of the sites are password protected please stop in and see the librarian, Mrs. Oldham
Follow the link to find more on our Research Links Page:
Technology Resources:
Magnolia Junior High Library offers students many technology devices to aid in their research and project designs. Students may use the devices in the library on their own before school, during lunch, after school, or with a pass from their teacher if visiting the library during class time. 
Devices available for student use for research, class assignments, or projects:
  • Library Chromebooks- the library has 20 chromebooks the students can use in the library.
  • Ipads- The library has 10 Ipads the students can use in the library.
  • Galaxy Tablets- The library has 10 Galaxy tablets the students can use in the library.
  • Desktop Computers: The library has 3 desktop computers the students can use in the library. 
  • Printer- The library has one black/white network computer hooked up to the 3 desktop computers the students can use in the library. 
Project Supplies:
Magnolia Junior High Library offers students various supplies to use while in the library to finish a class assignment or project. 
Supplies offered to use in the library:
  • Markers
  • Map Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Plain Paper
  • Colored Paper
  • Rulers
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Posters (while the supplies last)
MakerSpaces...Coming SOON!!:
Magnolia Junior High Library is EXCITED to announce the addition of MakerSpaces in our library!! A makerspace is a collaborative hands-on work space in our library for making, tinkering, inventing, discovering, learning, exploring, problem-solving and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools! MJH library will offer a variety of different makerspaces that are intended for students to get CREATIVE and learn from one another!!
MakerSpaces to be offered at MJH Library
Techi MakerSpaces:
  • 3D printer using CAD programs to invent, develop, and print out 3D objects 
  • Green Screen Video Producing, Editing, & Broadcasting
  • Robotics with Lego Mindstorm and Moss
  • Circuitry with Little Bits
  • Makey, Makey
Creative Makerspaces:
  • Duct Tape Creations
  • Origami
  • Collaborative Coloring w/ Giant Abstract Pictures
  • Artist Space
  • Sewing & Crouche
Builder Makerspaces:
  • Epic Lego Wall
  • K'nex
  • Marble Runs
  • Recycle IT! What can you build with recycled materials?
MJH READS Makerspace: Read,Watch, Draw, Write, Scene Play, etc. together!
  • Books Clubs
  • Anime & Manga Clubs
  • Battle of the Books
  • Book Trivia
MJH makerspaces will be offered before school from 6:45 am-7:20 am! The stations will be on a rotation schedule and students will need to sign-up through the ONLINE tutorial link: for the specific day they are interested in!
  • Maker Mondays! 
  • Techi Tuesdays!
  • Builder Wednesdays!
  • READ Thursdays!
  • FCA Fridays!