Car-Rider Procedures » MJH Car-Rider Line Details

MJH Car-Rider Line Details

As illustrated in the maps below, all car-rider drop-off and pick-up takes place on the east side of the building via Sanders St. and the loop that guides traffic to the side of MJH and front of MIS.


Drop-Off In The Morning

Cars are to remain in a single-file line through the turn to the designated Drop-off Zone. Vehicles will be instructed to pull up as far as they are able in this zone to enable the most efficient loading and unloading of students. Signs mark this zone for MJH, and staff members are present each morning to help direct cars to pull-up, as necessary.  Students should only exit vehicle doors on the curbside, as cars will be permitted to pass in the left lane. 


Parents with a son in 8th grade Athletics may also choose to use the Field House Drop-Off Zone, which is further down the loop in front of the Field House.  If it is clear, vehicles may use the passing lane to access this zone directly, but following the Sanders St. loop all the way around with other MJH traffic is mandatory.


Drop off


Pick-Up In The Afternoon

The pick-up procedure in the afternoon is designed to account for the number of MIS vehicles that show up with or before those there to retrieve an MJH student.


Prior to dismissal at 2:25 p.m., cars pulling into the loop should take the inside lane (see the highlighted maroon line below) if they are there to pick-up an MJH student and stop at the red line before the curve.  MIS traffic will wait in the outside lane, which is marked by the blue line in the graphic below.   


A staff member will release MJH vehicles from their line at dismissal, while MIS traffic will be held in place.  MJH traffic will stay IN THE LEFT lane, which is marked by a yellow dashed center line as shown in the graphic below. 


In the afternoon, students will be waiting in their “Mustang Herd,” which is assigned according to their last name.  A key with the letters and coordinating colors is in the graphic below.

Mustang Herds

MJH vehicles should pull up to their students’ Mustang Herd are but should not cross the line to pick their students up at the curb.  This is to ensure a quick pick-up and to avoid cars dangerously weaving in and out of the line.


Once students have loaded or unloaded, vehicles will follow the loop in front of Magnolia Intermediate and exit via Sanders St. in the opposite direction.  


Parents with a son in 7th grade Athletics will use the Field House Pick-Up Zone, which is further down the loop in front of the Field House.  It is still necessary to follow the Sanders St. loop all the way around with other MJH traffic.



As with most procedures of this sort, success largely depends on the familiarity of those participating in them. With the help of our school community in this regard, we can ensure an efficient drop-off and pick-up process.