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COVID-19 Protocols

Daily Cleaning Protocols
● At the end of each class period, teachers will spray each student desk with an approved and hypoallergenic disinfectant.

● Teachers will wipe down the door handles with approved disinfectant at the end of each class period.

● Custodians will clean and disinfect the main restroom areas at the end of each passing period. This will include, but not limited to - wiping down all toilets, sinks, and hand dryers located in the restroom.

● Girls’ PE restroom and Boys’ PE restroom will be cleaned at the end of each period.
Lunches - (after each lunch)
○ Custodians will take out the trash and disinfect the vending machines.

○ Students will spray and wipe down their own seating area with supplies located on the multiple portable cleaning stations placed throughout the cafeteria.

○ Staff members on lunch duty will be assigned sections to monitor and ensure proper cleanliness.
Mid-Morning Cleaning (10am) / Mid-Afternoon Cleaning (1pm)

○ Clean other two restroom areas (700 hallway, end of 300 hallway)

○ Wipe down vending machines and other high-traffic surfaces
Nightly Cleaning

○ Every restroom, STAFF and STUDENT, will be thoroughly cleaned with approved disinfectant.

○ All classroom door handles wiped down and all floors cleaned/mopped.

■ This includes hallways, classroom floors, gym floors, and cafeteria.

○ Students’ desks will be wiped down with approved disinfectant.

○ Counter tops in all office areas will be cleaned with approved disinfectant.


Morning Arrival


6:00 a.m. – Car rider line doors will be opened. Early arrivals will be directed to the competition gym until 7:45 a.m. Students will be monitored and seated on alternating rows in the stands.


6:30 a.m. – Buses will dismiss two at a time. Students will enter the 400 hallway doors, which will be propped open to avoid contact. Staff members will be positioned outside to monitor students’ interactions and ensure appropriate distancing.



6:30-6:45 a.m.  Students from buses will enter the cafeteria and sit in a designated seat or a designated spot in the breakfast line.



6:45 a.m.

  •     Students in the cafeteria or competition gym will be dismissed to their first period.


  •     Students will be permitted to purchase and bring their breakfast to 1st period.


6:45-7:15 a.m. – Students will sanitize their hands as they enter their first period class. Staff members will be directing any students arriving during this time to report to their first period classes. Students will be allowed to purchase breakfast on their way to class if necessary. Only the two restrooms located off the cafeteria will be open during morning arrival and monitored by staff.



7:15 a.m. - School Starts
Lunch Plans


  1. All students will walk in and sit
  2. Students will sit every other seat and positioned diagonally from one another
  3. Administrators will release students to go to the line by color (5-10 minutes, rotate colors daily)
  4. With 5 minutes left in lunch, students will throw away trash
  5. With 3 minutes left in lunch, administrators will spray tables and hand out paper towels
  6. Students will have the last minute to wipe their areas and throw away the paper towels
  7. Students will go back to class when the bell rings
  8. Custodians and administrators will double-check cleanliness


  • Section 1: 10 tables, 2 admin


  • Section 2: 12 tables, 2 admin
  • Section 3: 10 tables, 2 admin
Lunch Diagram
Afternoon Dismissal

2:23 p.m. - Students will be dismissed at the end of the day by their assigned Mustang Herd group color. An announcement will be made to dismiss the first color at 2:23 p.m. and every 1 minute thereafter another color will be dismissed. A designated staff member in each hallway will be responsible for moving students along and encouraging social distancing to the bus ramp or car rider line.


  •     Staff members will be assigned to the bus ramp to help students find their bus.


  •     Staff members will be assigned to the car rider area to help direct students to their Mustang Herd area for pick up.


Car rider area

  •     The car rider area will be divided into 6 sections by Mustang Herd colors. Students will be directed to stand inside their assigned color block while maintaining social distancing.


      •     Once all students have exited a teacher’s classroom, he or she will help the designated staff member in each hall to sweep students out to the buses and car rider area.


2:33 p.m. - Buses depart