New Elective Option at MJH Being Offered This Spring

Success in the real world takes more than academic knowledge. Successful adults have the confidence to express themselves well and rise above their circumstances. They get along with others, take responsibility, and handle problems that arise by making good decisions. This is what our new course, Teen Leadership, is all about.
Open to students in both seventh and eighth grades, Teen Leadership will focus on developing the traits essential to overcoming the challenges of adolescence and leading a successful life now and in the future. Self-confidence, effective communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, personal responsibility, managing stress, and the ethical use of technology are just some of the topics students will explore in this semester-long course. 

Parents are encouraged to their students if they would be interested in taking Teen Leadership in place of an elective already on their schedule. If so, please click on the link below and fill out the form as soon as possible. Our counselors will be enrolling students on a first come first serve basis and, being that there are only a limited number of spots available, not every student interested in taking the class may be able to do so.