Winter Dance Information

Times & Tickets

The dance will begin at 6:00 p.m. and end promptly at 8:30 p.m.  In the interest of safety, only students who have previously purchased a ticket will be admitted to the dance. 

Students will receive their tickets in their 3rd period class on Friday in the form of a wristband and will need to wear them for entry on the night of the dance.  In order for us to have time to verify ticket purchases and prepare for distribution of the wristbands, ticket sales will end on Wednesday, December 12.  


In an effort to welcome and dismiss students quickly and safely, we are asking parents and guardians to follow a specific procedure for dropping off and picking up students who will be attending the dance.

Drop-Off – Cars should arrive using Sanders St., following the same car-rider line routine that is observed each morning and afternoon at MJH (see diagram).  The entrance to the dance will be located between MJH and Magnolia Intermediate School at the end of the 600 hallway. Cars will turn in and follow the pattern below, pulling all the way down to the dance entrance and only letting students out when they have reached the curbside parallel to the school and traffic has stopped.  

Once they have dropped off their students, cars will continue straight and exit via Sanders.  If there is any need to park, cars should use the spaces indicated in the diagram below.

Pick-Up – When the dance is over, students will be directed to exit the building and enter their ride from the covered sidewalk that runs the length of MJH and MIS.  Cars will be directed into the pick-up line along this curb.  Parents that arrive early and would like to park and wait for their child, may use the designated parking zone.  Staff and chaperones will be on hand to help students get to their vehicles safely, but parents can help tremendously by reminding their child not to run out to moving vehicles, vehicles not yet in the pick-up zone, and those in the parking zone when traffic is active.


Dress Code

The recommended dress code for the Winter Wonderland Dance is semi-formal.  That said, as long as a student’s attire meets the requirements of our standard student dress code, he or she will be welcome at the dance.

Below are some broad examples of what is typically considered semi-formal for both boys and girls:

It is important to note that straps on dresses should be approximately two inches wide or more and cannot be strapless or have spaghetti straps. Dresses that expose the midriff are also not permitted.








Concessions Available

Students who purchased a deluxe ticket are entitled two slices of pizza and a drink.  However, pizza and assorted other concessions will be available for purchase at the dance.

Additional Details

Students who are not currently enrolled at MJH are not permitted to attend the dance.

While at the dance, students will be expected to observe the same rules and standards that apply during the school day.

The dance will be chaperoned by both MJH staff members and parents of our H.O.S.T.S program who have been screened and approved as volunteers for the district.