College & Career Readiness Information for 8th Graders

Per state law, this plan must be signed by a parent and be on file at the high school when students begin their freshman year. Signing this plan does not make it permanent. Your signature is a statement by you and your student that a plan is in place, and that you, as the parent, have seen the plan.

If your student was unable to take the CCR class this school year due to scheduling issues, they will meet with our CCR lead teacher, Roxanne Langley, during the week of April 10-13, following Math and Reading STAAR testing, to create their PGP. Their plans will come home for signatures by the end of April.

Fall semester student plans were approved after Thanksgiving break and came home for signatures before Christmas break. If you have not yet signed your student's plan, another will be sent home within the next few weeks.

Although the state requires that we create a plan for all four years of high school, the most important plan right now is for the student's freshman year. There are some students who may reconsider the classes they have chosen. Since the PGP is a plan, there is no problem with changing the classes they have selected, however, at this time the counselors at West will only make changes to your student's FRESHMAN course selections.

Each spring, your student will have the opportunity to meet with a high school counselor and review their plan for the upcoming school year. It is at this time that changes to endorsements or classes for 10th-12th grades will be made.  

Below is a link to the video from the CCR parent night in the fall. It is about 55 minutes long and gives information regarding state and district requirements for graduation, endorsements, and pathways of study offered in Magnolia ISD. Also below is a copy of the PowerPoint used during the presentation as well as other information that may be helpful to you.

Please remember, if your student has not had the class, they will be unfamiliar with and unable to answer questions regarding this information, however, during the week of April 10-13, Mrs. Langley will work closely with them to explain the process and help them to choose their classes. They will bring home a draft of their plan for you to review before the schedules are approved by the counselors. Mrs. Langley will be available to answer any questions you might have once your student has met with her in April.

This is an exciting time, and wonderful things await the Magnolia West High School class of 2022!
Click HERE to view the College & Career Readiness Parent Night Video.

Click HERE for the PowerPoint slides presented at the CCR Parent Night.

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