8th Grade CELEBRATION Details

Below is some important information you should know if your student will be attending Celebration:

Student Drop-Off/Celebration Entrance:  The drop-off and entry point for Celebration will be the school’s front doors. Only current MJH students are allowed admittance to Celebration, and their attendance will be registered as they enter. This is also when students will receive the Mustang Money they’ve earned over the last six weeks.

Dress Code:  The dress code for Celebration is simply the same one students are expected to observe every day. It is recommended that students dress comfortably, but they should avoid anything that could be, even unintentionally, too short or revealing.

Celebration T-Shirts:  For those who missed the opportunity to purchase a Celebration T-shirt, extras in all sizes will be available for sale at the event for $12. This is the ONLY thing at Celebration that would require money. Students can pay for everything else using their Mustang Money.

Student Pick-Up/Celebration Exit:  Celebration will end at 9 p.m., sharp. However, students may be picked up at any point before that. Once a student leaves Celebration, they will not be allowed to re-enter. Prior to 8 p.m., students will only be allowed to exit through the school’s front doors and should be picked up there. After 8 p.m., students will be permitted to leave through either the front doors or the gymnasium doors that open to the bus parking lot on the building’s east side. Please communicate with your student before the event about where and at what time you will be picking them up.