8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Weather Update

After meeting this morning with the events company providing the stage and nearly 600 chairs for our 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony, it was clear that even if the weather improved, holding our event on the football field in its present condition would be impossible. We have been working since on putting together an alternate plan that’s as faithful to the original vision of this event as possible.

Here’s the good news:  We will still be holding our Promotion Ceremony tomorrow. Students should come to school at the usual time and proceed to the classroom they have been assigned for this event. Students received a paper in their fourth period today with this room number, but they can also ask an administrator in the morning if they were not present or forget. Students should be dressed in the clothes they intend to wear during the ceremony, as there will be no time to change beforehand.

Here’s the not-so-good news:  Parents and guests will not be able to attend in person. The entire reason we had planned to hold the event at the football stadium this year is because we have outgrown every other available venue. Over the past six years we have held the Promotion Ceremony we have moved from the Magnolia West auditorium, to our competition gym, to the Magnolia Events Center to accommodate the growth of our student body and the number of parents and guests that were interested in attending. This year’s class is too big for any of those locations, and we will need to think long and hard in the future about how we want to proceed going forward.

For now, though, tomorrow’s event will be live streamed and recorded. We will package the video from the event and post it to YouTube by next week, but parents and guests will also be able to watch it live tomorrow using the link below.  Since we will no longer need to wait for MIS to get its school day underway before we start our event, we will begin tomorrow’s 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony at 8:30 a.m.

Parents are welcome to still checkout their student after the ceremony at around 10:15 a.m. If your student is pre-registered, the process will be faster, but a standard check-out will also be available. If you'd like to pre-register, you can still do so until 6:30 a.m. on Thursday by clicking HERE

This is, obviously, a regrettable situation for all involved. After all that has happened this year, we were really looking forward to celebrating our students in front of their parents and guests in the way we believe they deserve. However, we are going into tomorrow with a positive attitude and doing everything we can to make it special.


Click HERE to access the live stream of the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.

Meeting ID: 922 9759 3130

Passcode: i9ai0X