My Stop App Available for Parents of Bus Riders

How to Use Versatrans My Stop

Step 1: Downloading the Versatrans My Stop App

- Type “Versatrans My Stop” into the search field in the App Store (for Apple users) or Play Store (for Android Users)
- Select Versatrans My Stop and download
After downloading My Stop navigate to the application and tap on it to open it.
My Stop App 1

Step 2: Logging In

Your username and password are the same as your Versatrans e-Link username and password.

Username: (Student ID                 )    Password: ( Birthdate )

Step 3: Navigating the Map Page

- After logging in you will arrive at the Map section. Here you will see your student’s bus location and the estimated time of arrival.
- If you have multiple students riding buses on this screen there is an arrow with a dropdown menu to switch between your students.
- Remember, if the bus is not en route you will not able to see its location.
My Stop App 2

Step 4: Navigating the Scans and Setup Pages

- The Scans page shows the time and location your students scanned on or off the vehicle. Also shown here is their bus number and route name.
- A popup will appear when your student scans onto or off of the bus.
- The Setup page allows for different notifications to be turned to on or off. We recommend all notifications be turned on, as this will allow you to receive the most up-to-date information from the bus and the transportation department.
- You can also log out from the Setup page. Please note, if you are not logged into the application you will not receive notifications to your smartphone.
My Stop App 3

Step 5: Understanding Notifications

- The transportation department is now able to communicate bus delays and other information directly through Versatrans My Stop.
- Notifications can be sent to specific students or to all students in the district.
- These notifications will show pop up immediately if you are in the application; if you do not have the application open, yet you are logged in, you will see the notification show up similar to how other notifications show up on your smartphone.
My Stop App 4


For any questions about Versatrans My Stop, or any Transportation related questions, please reach out to the MISD Transportation department at 281-252-2221.