Get Familiar with MJH’s Car-Rider Procedures

As illustrated in the maps below, all car-rider drop-off and pick-up takes place on the east side of the building via Sanders St. and the loop that guides traffic to the side of MJH and front of MIS.

In the morning, all students enter through the set of doors labeled “Gymnasium” on the awning above.  This is also where all visitors and parents enter the building until classes begin at 7:15 a.m.  During morning arrival, a reception desk is stationed in this area to receive visitors and parents; however, all reception functions transition back to the front of the school for the remainder of the day after 7:15 a.m. 

In the afternoons, the front drive is closed beginning at 2:10 p.m. to help route car-rider traffic to the designated pick-up location, but visitors and parents with appointments or in need of assistance may still park in the front and check-in at the main reception desk.  However, no car-rider pick-up is permitted in this area. 

Car-rider traffic traveling eastbound (indicated by the yellow lines in the image below) will bypass the front of MJH and turn on Elm St to access the Sanders St. loop.  Those traveling westbound (indicated by blue lines) may either turn on Nichols Sawmill Rd and take Commerce St or Elm St to merge with Sanders or can simply turn on to Sanders St directly.   

Once in the loop, cars should remain in a single-file line through the turn to the designated Drop-off/Pick-up Zone on the east side of the school.  Vehicles will be instructed to pull up as far as they are able in this zone to enable the most efficient loading and unloading of students. 

In the morning, students should only exit vehicle doors on the curbside, as cars will be permitted to pass in the left lane. 

In the afternoon, cars will be directed to pull up in a line next to the curb until the car-rider zone is full.  At that point, the line of cars will be split by the traffic attendant into MIS cars on the inside and MJH cars on the outside. 

Once students have loaded or unloaded, vehicles will follow the loop in front of Magnolia Intermediate and exit via Sanders St. in the opposite direction.  

Parents with a son in Athletics may also choose to use the Field House Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone, which is further down the loop in front of the Field House.  If it is clear, vehicles may use the passing lane to access this zone directly, but following the Sanders St. loop all the way around with other MJH traffic is mandatory. 

As with most procedures of this sort, their success largely depends on the familiarity of those participating in them. With the help of our school community in this regard, we can ensure an efficient drop-off and pick-up process.
Car rider traffic diagram - vertical
car rider traffic diagram - wide