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MJH Golf Back-to-Back-to-Back District Champs!
MJH Golf District Champs
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News & Announcements

7th Grade Math students reviewing probability

The 7th grade math students at MJH are reviewing key skills and concepts from the year to show what they know before moving on to 8th grade. Students competed with each other in a showdown of probability practice starting with a minute to work each problem individually before working as a team to determine the correct answer. As the groups work through the game, the teacher highlighted important academic vocabulary and possible approaches to solving the problems.

VNPS in Math

The MJH Math Department has been focused on research-based instructional practices to improve the depth and retention of key grade-level concepts. One practice is using Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (VNPS) to get kids up and interacting with the content and each other. Based on Liljedahl’s book, Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics, using various types of VNPSs helps students have less fear of taking risks because mistakes are easily erased. The strategy also gives teachers better access to watch students’ thinking and processing, which increases opportunities for feedback. Students can be seen using the whiteboards inside and outside the classroom daily at MJH!

Cheer Competition Win

MJH Cheer competed for the first time in school history at the Stockton Cheer Competition. The team, led by Payton Beaver and Maelani Sims, won Best Spirit for the entire competition and placed 2nd in the dance category. MJH Cheerleaders attend sporting and community events throughout the year.

EPIC Event at MJH

Magnolia Junior High 8th-grade students in the College and Career Readiness class participated in an EPIC event. The course seeks to help students identify and establish goals for themselves and then develop a plan of action to achieve those goals as citizens of our community, state, and nation in the 21st century.  As a culminating project for the course, students filled out a job application and prepared to interview with a member of the Magnolia community. Interviews were conducted by community members, school board representatives, district employees, and MJH staff members. The EPIC event offered MJH students a real world experience preparing them for the future.

Teachers of the Second Quarter

Before the end of the semester, students were given the chance to nominate a teacher at MJH who has made a positive impact on their lives. When the final nominations were tallied, Coach Braun, Mrs. Kirkland, Mr. Morse, and Mrs. Shaban were our students' choice for the MJH Teacher of the Quarter Award!

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