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Welcome to 7th Grade Math!
On this webpage you will find a variety of information about 7th grade math.  Please feel free to reach out via phone/email at any time if you have any questions or concerns! 
About Mrs. Trejo...
I am so very excited to teach 7th grade math again this year.  I have a BS in Kinesiology and minor in Mathematics from Sam Houston State University and  am currently pursuing my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from SHSU.  Previously I have taught 8th grade math and algebra.  I grew up in Tyler and my husband and I currently reside in Tomball. I enjoy sports, hiking, running, cooking, traveling, movies, chocolate, minions, and dogs.  
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin

Recent Posts

Mini Agenda Week of 11/13

Monday 11/13
PA: 5.2 Theoretical and Experimental Probability
M7: 4.1 Scale Drawings
Tuesday 11/14
PA: 5.1-5.2 Practice
M7: 4.1 Scale Drawing Practice blueprint
Wednesday 11/15
PA: 5.3 Probability of Compound Events
M7: 4.1 QUIZ (scale drawings)
Thursday 11/16
PA: 5.4 Probability Simulations
M7: 4.2 Similar Figures
Friday 11/17
PA: 5.3-5.4 Probability Practice 
M7: 4.2 Similar Figures Practice page
Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!! Gobble gobble

Mini Agenda Week of 11/6

Monday 11/6
PreAP: Ch 4 TEST
M7: Ch 3 Stations
Tuesday 11/7
PreAP: Dilations (8th grade unit)
M7: Ch 3 TEST
Wednesday 11/8
PreAP: Dilations 
M7: Ch 4 Scale Factor
Thursday 11/9
PreAP: Ch 5 Probability
M7: Ch 4 Similar Figures
Friday 11/10
PreAP: Ch 5 Probability
M7: Ch 4 Practice

Mini Agenda Week of 10/24

So begins a new 9 weeks! Stay on top of your work!
Tuesday 10/24
PreAP: 4.1 Scale Drawings
Math 7: 3.1 Intro to Percents
Wednesday 10/25
PreAP: 4.1 Activity/Practice
Math 7: Percents, Say it with Decimals
Thursday 10/26
PreAP: 4.2 Similar Figures
Math 7: Percents, Increasing and Decreasing
Friday 10/27
PreAP: 4.2 Activity/Practice
Math 7: Percents, 100%
Please email me with any questions you may have! 
Have a wonderful day!

Mini Agenda Week of 10/16

**This is the last week of the first grading periods, all work must be turned in by Friday. We will review this week for the DCA on Thursday. DCA's are summative grades and can NOT be retaken.
Monday 10/16
Chapter 1 Review Stations
Tuesday 10/17
Chapter 2 Review Stations
Wednesday 10/18
PreAP: Chapter 3 Review Stations
Math 7: Kahoot Review
(On level morning tutorials to review for Ch 2 retest)
Thursday 10/19
(On level morning tutorials to review for Ch 2 retest)
Friday 10/20
Intro to next unit
(On level Ch 2 RETEST in morning tutorials)
All quiz corrections and daily work due by today!
The following Monday 10/23 is a student holiday, enjoy the long weekend!

Mini Agenda Week of 10/9

Monday 10/9
P: Ch 3 100%
O: 2.8/2.8 Constant Rate of Change
P: Ch 3 % increase and decrease
O: Stations
P: Ch 3 % Tax and Tip (morning tutorials ch 2 retest review)
P: Stations (morning tutorials ch 2 retest retest)
O: Trashketball
Friday 10/13
P: Ch 3 QUIZ
O: Ch 2 TEST

Weekly Agenda for 10/2

Grades for progress report are due THIS FRIDAY 10/6, all missing and made up work must be turned in by Friday. This can impact eligibility.
Retest for Chapter 1 needs to be done in tutorials at 6:45am tomorrow Friday the 29th or Monday Oct 2nd. This will be the last opportunity to improve this test grade. 
Monday 10/2

PreAP: Quiz 2.4-2.6, 2.8-2.9

Math 7: Quiz 2.1-2.3, 2.7


PreAP: Ch 2 Trashketball Review

Math 7: 2.4/2.5 Proportions



O: Practice


P: Begin Ch 3 Notes

O: 2.6 Solving Proportions


P: Ch 3 Notes

O: Practice (Kahoot?)

Last weeks of School!

We have started our calculator unit so they will understand the basics of how to work with the TI-84 calculators in 8th grade math. 
The fourth 9 weeks DCA will be the last week of school. I will check on the schedule of the exams. Thank you!!

Recent Absence

Hi Parents and Students,
As you may have realized I have been out for some time this past week. I had some complications from a surgical procedure last weekend but am feeling much better now. I will do my best to get caught up as quickly as possible with grades, questions, and curriculum. I appreciate all the prayers, support, and patience during my absence. I have really missed my awesome kiddos and can't wait to get back to them tomorrow.  Please email me if I can help in any way. Thanks so much!

Mini Agenda Week of 4/24

Hello Parents and Students,
I will be out this Friday and next Monday for a small surgical procedure. If you need anything please email me. Next week we begin our STAAR review unit, we will be doing a Harry Potter review where we will be tracking points and productivity and offering rewards. The students will be grouped in "houses" for this review. 
M:    TEST Ch. 9
T:     STAAR Review
W:   STAAR Review
Th:  STAAR Review
F:    STAAR Review

Mini Agenda Week of 4/10

M:  9.1 Bar Graphs and Dot Plots
T:   9.2 Circle Graphs
             **ReTest review tutorial 6:45pm
W:  9.3 Making Predictions about a Population
             **Retest 6:45am and 2:40pm
Th9.4 Biased and Unbiased Samples
              **Retest 6:45am
Happy Easter!!!!

Mini Agenda Week of 4/3

M:     8.10 Surface Area of Pyramids
T:      Stations - Volume
W:    Stations - Surface Area
Th:   Stations - Volume and SA
F:     TEST

Mini Agenda Week of 3/20

M:      8.6 Volume of Prisms notes (rectangular, triangular, cylinders)
T:       8.7A  LAB Volume Relationships
W:     8.7 Volume of Pyramids
Th:    8.8A LAB Nets and Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms
F:      8.8 Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms
Welcome Back! Hope everyone had a wonderful and restful spring break!

Mini Agenda Week of 3/6

  • M: Review Composite Figures Quiz/ Intro to Volume of Prisms
  • T: DCA Review Stations
  • W: DCA Review Stations
  • Th: DCA EXAM!
  • F: Labeling prisms and Volume
Math 7:
  • M: Review Composite Figures Quiz and Reteach 
  • T: DCA Review Stations 
  • W: DCA Review Stations
  • Th: DCA EXAM!
  • F: Labeling prisms and Volume

Mini Agenda Week of 2/27

  • M: Area of Circles 8.4
  • T: Composite Figures 8.5
  • W: Comp Figure Practice 8.5
  • Th: Review Stations 8.4/8.5
  • F: QUIZ 8.4/8.5
Math 7:
  • M: Composite Figures 8.5
  • T: Comp Figures Guided Practice 8.5
  • W: Comp Figures Independent Practice 8.5
  • Th: Review Stations 8.4
  • F: QUIZ 8.4